Unless you were living in a cave or perhaps just shun the internet altogether, you probably noticed every metal blog light up last night when a single from the upcoming Mastodon album got pushed out. It was noted to be from a radio station so the quality was a bit sketchy in some cases. Whether or not the band caved to peer pressure or this was their ingenious plan all along, Mastodon has released the track themselves via Soundcloud.

When I fist heard “High Road” I wasn’t immediately sold on it. Probably more due to my high expectations than the song itself not sounding up to snuff. After a few dozen passes it definitely grew on me. It has equal parts The Hunter and Crack The Skye with slightly more polish than both. This just makes the wait until June that much more difficult.

The often changing metallers Vader have released a lyric video for the track “Where Angels Weep” which is from their upcoming album Tibi Et Igni. The song has a bit of a classic metal vibe to it, with a slight breakdown of sorts thrown in to change up the pace a bit in the middle. I like it. I like it a lot.

Vader‘s latest will be released June 10 here in the states. Pre-order packages are available at the Nuclear Blast store now.

Vader Tibi Et Igni Cover

The folks over at The PRP have posted a new video from southern groove masters Clutch. It’s for the song “The Wolfman Kindly Requests…” and is hands down my favorite track from Earth Rocker. We even played the song on episode 47 of the podcast. In case you think I’m telling tall tales here. Whats amazing about this video is that it’s created using the lost art of claymation. They might not have captured the true epicness of Neil’s beard, but they came very close.

This video and more will be available on the recently announced deluxe edition Of Earth Rocker which is expected to ship out on June 5. Pre-orders can be made at the official Clutch Merch store.

If all of this wasn’t enough Clutch for you, the band also posted a video on their official Instagram account featuring the guys jamming in what they called “pre-production for the next album.” Could we see new Clutch in 2014? I surer as hell hope so.

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