In case you can’t make Barry’s Spreaker pre-show each week, the one where he plays 30 minutes of awesome metal before our podcast goes live, we decided to help those of you less fortunate out. After each podcast we’ll make a playlist of not only what we played on the show itself, but also what was aired previously. Because we’re great that way. Subscribe and follow the playlist on Spotify and you’ll get updates sent to you inbox and apps of choice. Enjoy!

German epic metal powerhouse Equilibrium have debuted the track “Karawane” from their upcoming album Erdentempel. Power or epic metal has never been my go to genre, but sometimes a band or track hits the right spot. As is the case with Karawane. It might not have the powerful and far reaching vocals as similar acts, but the growling, almost Aman Amarth-esque growls of Robert Dahn fit perfectly with the grandeur of the accompanying keyboards.

Erdentempel is slated for a June 10 release in the US. Pre-orders can be placed at the Nuclear Blast shop or digitally via iTunes.

Equilibrium - Erdentempel Cover

You would think I went out for a night of barhopping the way I feel this morning. Unfortunately it’s just the contact high from doing a podcast with Danger Angel. Yes, her effects are that far reaching. The young hockey starlet joined us on this week’s Metal or GTFO! to help us break in the new Tour, Record, Retire segment, as well as make this show contain more four letter words than episodes 1-50 combined. Outside of that we actually talked metal! Listen for our review of the latest Kyng album, get all doomy with The Oath in our Pick of the Week and all the news that’s fit to broadcast.

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Streaming: Misery Index – The Killing Gods
Baltimore, Maryland's home grown death metallers Misery Index just released the title track from their upcoming album The Killing Gods. While just as intense as the band's last sampling "The Calling," "The Killing Gods" adds a slight groove texture to the mix. And there is nothing wrong with a little groove every now and then. The Killing Gods hits the US on May 27 and pre-order packages for are available at the Season of Mist [more]
New Spotify Metal Playlist for April 22
This week's new releases aren't as plentiful as they were last week. Add that to the fact a lot of what did hit the shelves didn't hit Spotify, and you have a short workout playlist at best. Nevertheless, you should still check out new tracks from Dust Moth, Ghoul, Gunpowder Gray, Skinfather and more. We've shifted from using my personal account to one specifically for the podcast. Hopefully Spotify will make it "official" or "verified" [more]
Live: Black Crown Initiate @ Saint Vitus
Black Crown Initiate are still out spreading the word of their amazing EP, Song of the Crippled Bull. The boy from Pennsylvania recently played a show of the Easter holiday weekend at the legendary Saint Vitus Bar in NYC. Check out the band's full set including a new track leading things off. Will someone please pick these guys up so we can get a full length by the end of 2014! [more]
Streaming: Insomnium – Black Heart Rebellion
Finland's melodic death metal ensemble Insomnium have released the track "Black Heart Rebellion" from their upcoming album Shadows of the Dying Sun. This is my first taste of Insomnium and they definitely have a sound I could sink my ears into. While the instrumentation gives the track a very vast and larger than life feel, the vocals add a nice gritty and rough edge that work quite well together. You can listen to the other [more]