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Baltimore, Maryland’s home grown death metallers Misery Index just released the title track from their upcoming album The Killing Gods. While just as intense as the band’s last sampling “The Calling,” “The Killing Gods” adds a slight groove texture to the mix. And there is nothing wrong with a little groove every now and then.

The Killing Gods hits the US on May 27 and pre-order packages for are available at the Season of Mist shop. If you prefer digital head over to Amazon or iTunes.

This week’s new releases aren’t as plentiful as they were last week. Add that to the fact a lot of what did hit the shelves didn’t hit Spotify, and you have a short workout playlist at best. Nevertheless, you should still check out new tracks from Dust Moth, Ghoul, Gunpowder Gray, Skinfather and more.

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Black Crown Initiate are still out spreading the word of their amazing EP, Song of the Crippled Bull. The boy from Pennsylvania recently played a show of the Easter holiday weekend at the legendary Saint Vitus Bar in NYC. Check out the band’s full set including a new track leading things off. Will someone please pick these guys up so we can get a full length by the end of 2014!

Streaming: Insomnium – Black Heart Rebellion
Finland's melodic death metal ensemble Insomnium have released the track "Black Heart Rebellion" from their upcoming album Shadows of the Dying Sun. This is my first taste of Insomnium and they definitely have a sound I could sink my ears into. While the instrumentation gives the track a very vast and larger than life feel, the vocals add a nice gritty and rough edge that work quite well together. You can listen to the other [more]
Found On Bandcamp: The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-li
I won't lie. I feel a bit unprepared going into this week's Found On Bandcamp selection Tekeli-li by France's The Great Old Ones. Not so much for my lack of black metal knowledge, but more for the absence of Lovecraft lore. A majority of which comes from Metallica and The Real Ghostbusters animated series. Will this void hinder my, or anyone else's enjoyment of the album? Not at all. But fans and readers of the [more]
Streaming: Mastodon – High Road
Unless you were living in a cave or perhaps just shun the internet altogether, you probably noticed every metal blog light up last night when a single from the upcoming Mastodon album got pushed out. It was noted to be from a radio station so the quality was a bit sketchy in some cases. Whether or not the band caved to peer pressure or this was their ingenious plan all along, Mastodon has released the [more]
Lyric Video: Vader – Where Angels Weep
The often changing metallers Vader have released a lyric video for the track "Where Angels Weep" which is from their upcoming album Tibi Et Igni. The song has a bit of a classic metal vibe to it, with a slight breakdown of sorts thrown in to change up the pace a bit in the middle. I like it. I like it a lot. Vader's latest will be released June 10 here in the states. Pre-order [more]
Clutch Become Immortalized in Clay for The Wolfman Kindly Requests…
The folks over at The PRP have posted a new video from southern groove masters Clutch. It's for the song "The Wolfman Kindly Requests..." and is hands down my favorite track from Earth Rocker. We even played the song on episode 47 of the podcast. In case you think I'm telling tall tales here. Whats amazing about this video is that it's created using the lost art of claymation. They might not have captured the [more]
Metal or GTFO! Ep 50: The Big Five Oh or GTFO!
You would think that hitting 50 episodes would be celebrated with something special. Like a guest or maybe a giveaway. Instead Barry and I agreed on an album review, which is an occasion to celebrate in and of itself. Check out what we though of the latest release from California black metallelrs Cormorant and stay for our thoughts on AC/DC, Megadeth and Captain America. We also play a fantastical track from New Jersey natives Strychnia. [more]